Millennial pink gin arrives just in time for summer


Millennial pink is having a moment.

In case you’re unaware of Instagram’s shade du jour, the dusty rose hue is the latest cultural phenomenon to emerge that is as baffling as it is seductive. Hence, why it’s been tagged to everyone’s love-to-hate generation.

It began in cult films (think Wes Anderson’s enigmatic Grand Budapest Hotel) and has slowly but surely made its way onto our clothes, our phones and now, our cocktails.

Gordon’s has released a pink distilled gin and it hits the millennial pink nail on the head.


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Inspired by an original recipe from the 1880’s, this new spirit balances the taste of gin with a sweetness of strawberries and raspberries, serving up a summery flavour which is aesthetically pleasing.

Your G&T will never be the same again.

The millennial pink trend is believed to have started with Pantone naming rose quartz as their colour of 2015, which opened the door to pink’s resurgence.

The firm then picked ‘Pale Dogwood’ – now known as millennial pink – in its Spring Fashion Report 2017.

So, why’s it been dubbed ‘millennial’? Well, the shade appears to work with most Instagram filters, and nicely complements the greens of house plants that have become a millennial apartment staple.

Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin is launching now exclusively in Tesco for £16.50 per 70cl bottle and will be available in bars across the country from August. Buy a bottle .


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